RK26XX family successful in mass production


                   Rockchip R&D Rk26XX digital Audio-Visual family have successfully produced in mass and have been put in to use.The chips' success in R&D and mass production marks our company's digifax mixed chips have reach international standard.
              This sort of chips is a kind of complex digifax SOC chips who is of 8-inch,0.18-micron processing.The chips integrated high-performance DSP core,CODEC,embedded High Speed USB 2.0,support many brands and many kinds of flash memory,flash memory cards(including SD card,MMC card),and also many other color screens of many types and sizes(including TFT,CSTN,OLED).

               Based on RK26XX,combining our own Audio-Visual,we marketed a MP3/MP4 oriented SOC solution which can achieve MPEG video play,MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 1/2/3 audio decoding,WMA decode play and WMA DRM 10.USB 2.0 High Speed and Full Speed are capable so that can provide high cost performance solutions for MPEG-4 real video portable multimedia players.

              These chips have already put in to mass production and marketing,and we predict that there will be a lot of Rockchip-based MP3/MP4 players in the market in the first half year.

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