Gloriously, Rockchip RK27XX Shockly rduced


               Review from the year of 2006 to nowadays,MP3 market underwent a vigorous audio-vision revolution.Vedio MP3 replaced the traditional music play MP3 become the new market leader.Big screen of 2.0 inches or above become reachable to everyone.In this revolution ,Rockchip ,in a posture of black horse ,quickly become the leader in this industry.In the circumstance full of fierce competition, depending on the spirit of  dare to be the first one ,RK26XX series absolutely are in a dominant position in the market occupancy.
            From the RK2602A to RK2606A to RK2608A,MP3 screen changed from 2.0 inch to 2.4 inch,and even 2.8 inch , resolution ratio reached QVGA ,while frame rate reached 24FPS.The play action works fluently.Nowadays, Rockchip become the synonymous of low -price and high-performance.
            After meeting the video need from customers,Rockchip is improving the sound effect technology. RK26XX completely support APE and FLAC lossless format,while APE support version :3.95、3.97、3.98、3.99,grade normal or fast compressed files,without the limitation of bit rate;FLAC support every code rate and bit rate songs.Besides ,Rockchip is going to develop  a newly sound effect product,bringing a more perfect acoustic experience.
           The R&D ability  of Rockchip become stronger afer the  market's temper.A month after the realize of double-lossless technology ,Rockchip successfully support the new video format FLV in a shortest time , without the need to transform that it can immediately play.Thereupon ,music library realized ---needn't the support of PC, it can classify and search music files in their special,filename,artist,style  conveniently and efficiently.It would be a new improtant application of high-capacity ,for the G-marked capacity MP3.R&D technology is developing more humanization .
           After 2007,Rockchip continues to promote Audio & Video technologies,a  powerful video effect and full-function Rk27XX series are coming.
           Inherit from RK26XX,RK27XX series make more breakthroughs:a full  compatibilities on vedio enjoy,including AVI(XVID,DIVX),WMA,RMVB and a  smooth play of VGA(640x480),flash is available too.A larger screen  display,picture shooting,DV,bluetooth and embeded Mini OS wider the  development space of manufacturers.                 
           Though we don't know all the details about RkXX series,but  already  known functions are worth to be expected.The super MP3/MP4 with a 3.0-inch screen(maybe  lager),double-lossless,RMVB available,picture-shoot available,entainment- prior...are coming to us.

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