Rockchip RK2708 Born,Realize the New Shooting Function




         In 2006,Rockchip released the first video MP3 chip ,coming of the rapidly developing age of the carry-on A/V products .  Not long ago ,Rockchip launched 27xx chips ,with its advantage of needn't to transform and RMVB live broadcasting function , as well as the completely support to the big screen and high resolution, gives a completely support for the video play of MP3/MP4. Its unique video-output ,from another aspect,broaden the usable range of MP3/MP4,which make the individually  device  the films library shared by everyone.
        Recently ,Rockchip add the shooting function on RK2708 .At the begining ,it can support 2-3million pixel, digital zoom , contrast brightness control  and so on ,which can be on a par with camera cellphone. This act can not only promote the technology for MP3/MP4,but can also contain its future developing mentality .
        ● Functions will be Highly Integrated
        View from the cellphone products ,we can find the integration mentality contained.MP3/MP4 market wouldn't be an exception.According to the recent  action of Rockchip ,the boraden of video output 's functional range and the increase of shooting function's practical applicability both are moving toward the goal of integration .After RK2706 offered the excellent video play ability ,Rockchip's mind become clearer and it's working hard on the highly integration of the utility function .
        Take the shooting function as the example, the proportion of the function used in recording daily life is huge ,while the professional DC couldn't have.Though cellphone popularize the shooting function in advance ,as a menber of carry-on digit ,MP3/MP4 's possessing this function is of much significance.With the developing of technology ,it is a common view to lower the chip consumption and integrate the electronit products. No matter from which ,the market's require ,customer's potential demand or Rockchip's recently performance ,we can believe that ,led by Rockchip ,MP3/MP4 can develop toward the highly integration.
        ● Expect of the Future Function 
         Nowadays, the MP3/MP4 products gradually solved the disadvantages of small screen, low definition ,difficult in transformation  , brought new functions to improve the pratical applicability .Before long,MP3/MP4 would support the Bluetooth music listening,wireless remotion, GPS navigation and even WiFi internet searching . This kind of  products , led by Rockchip ,can keep on giving us surprising  and renew the definition of MP3/MP4.
         From the first video chip to Microsoft PlayFX  sound effect,RK27XX 's prefect video ,video output and the shooting function , Rockchip walks on a unique "chip road". Prooved by the fact,under the lead of Rockchip,MP3/MP4 market will become brighter.


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