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         Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics CO., Ltd is a national recognized IC(Inteqrated Circuit) design company. Rockchip , which is focus on the chipdisign of the Consumer electronic in the mobile internet, is a professional supplication of individual mobile intelligence terminal. The self-R&D RK series won the “China chip - the best performance award” for the third consecutive year and “Optimum Design Company” in 2009, which make our company the first brand of the chip design in the multimedia field. The RK28 series is the first to adopt the 65NT(Nanotechnology) , which possess a strong competitive power in the 3G and MID field . We first enter the cellphone realm in 2009 ,riching the product line of the individual mobile terminal .Rockchips was awarded to be the Top Ten IC Design Corporate Brand , Top Hundred Income Solfware Corperate ,and the Most Potential Ic designer for several times by the government and the media.After reading this essay,you will have a directly perception about our company's development in recent years.


              The early stage of the MP3,RK2606 show extraoidinary talents

           In 2005, Zhuhai Actions  ATJ2606/RK2608 created an age of  video MP3.However the video format MTV,AMV,SMV etc.didn't work well in either the style volumn control or the picture definition and the fluency.the first mp4 chip Rockchip developped  solved this problem,by the XviD code AVI format,24fps/S paly frame rate , 2.0inches 176*220 resolution radio .At the same time ,it has a both-threaded task management,expande of memory card,USB2.0 high-speed port,and the low cost also promote the universalness process.  Inside the country,many main stream manufacturers such as RAmos,Onda,Newman ,launchd related products,the occupancy rise rapidly.

The first RAmos RM100 of RK 2606

         The new chip RK2608 came after the RK2606.By its 36fps/s paly frame rate ,support 2.4 inches 320*240  resolution radio screen ,RK2608 give the player the QVGA show effect which they scramble for. Meanwhile , RK2608 add a function of FLV format with a game function ,which improved its  gameplay properties.
         Under ter multi-format support and the demand of large screen display,RK2706/RK2708/RK2710 popularized.
         In 2006,RK26XX chip lead all the way ,pocess the lion's share in the market.And it prosperred in 2007. Rockchip  launched RK27XX chip solution's support for the video can reach 800*480 pixel .Adding the support of RMVB format populated inside nation ,integrating of TV-OUT,let MP4 no longer stricted by the small screen.


The early typical production Newman X6 of RK2706

This series of chips can support the expand of DC/DV, Bluetooth, 16bit game and the develop individualion UI,which make it favoutite by the market.In the later period,it realized an integration of  AVIRMRMVBWMVASFFLVDATMPGMP4VOB3GP,widely recognized by the MP4 market.

          Step the high definition age,RK2806 and RK 2728 solution support 720P video.

           After the change from MP4 to 720P high definition ,Rockchip launched RK2806 high definition chip .It has functions of high oprnness degree,wide  coding format,caption/TRK  switchover ,and the most outstanding one is the support of H.264  coding  MKV high definition video  ,as well as the HDMI video output. RK2728 was design according to RK 2896, moreover superior in the cost control .It has a stable performing level,is to face promotion of  the low-price high-definition MP4.
                                                              First RK2806 product Teclast M66

     Under the circumstance of the high definition video play of MP4,Rockchip will keep on exploring.the RKcrown solution with photograph and camera shooting functions will be launched before long.It have the ability of 720P viedo  intergration ,as well as the 10 million pixel camera ,bringing the user totally different experience.
     Aim at  MP3 product,launch the low-cost, high audio quality RKnano solution
     After the success of the MP4 field ,Rockchip launched a RK nano solution for the MP3 market .RKnano has  features like multi-task operation ,microsoft sound effect,as well as the whole solution support the Microsoft Windows Media DRM 10, befefit the customers to a wider extent.

                      RKnano typical product Teclast X21+
     Meanwhile ,as the main feature of the chip, machines used RKnana 's consumption  is under 9mAh . Knano,  with Flash controler,LCD,DAC,DC/VC ,SD controler,USB inside, not only rich the peripheral interface,but also improve the flexibility of the chip application,lower the cost .Besides,RKnano can support 8bit ECC  digit error correction technology ,with a strong ability of fault-tolerant,which also stretched the life of Flash.

 In the next essay, we'll talk about the CMMB mobile TV,MID tablet PC,E-book,Smart phone etc.that Rockchip produced after the success of A/V processing chip. Welcome for your attention.


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