Rockchip's New Product Presentation in HongKong


         2010,April 13th -16th ,in the HongKong Spring  Electronics Products Exhibition, Hello  Android, is the bright spot of this exhibition.As the leading brand of the chip design ----Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd is launching the new generation of mobile internet solution and a series of leading terminal products. Rockchip, through this exhibition ,by the omnibearing show of the products and deep convey of the conception,stetch toward the wider group of users , dig the deeper content service,and explore the higher application value,aim at making the 2010 year the mobile internet year.

Rockchip+Android,the grand opening of Rockchip new product launch
                                           The fashionable Rockchip+Android exhibition stand 

          China's HongKong Spring  Electronics Products Exhibition always have a greater influence in the DCN wierless market of the whole country. It is one of the best choice for the global tip manufacturers to launch their new products.This year,it's boisterous as usual,and there is a big news ,that is the home of the Android Robort in China -Rockchip ,has made more toys.

Rockchip+Android,stream of people and good reputation
The Film of introducing the Rockchip and mobile digital 
           Looking from the scene Rockchip's exhibition stand crowded by foreign businessmen,who were toppled over the newly illation of the technology.Rockchips exhibited more than 50 products in this time,inchuding MID,Smart Phone, E-book.

The Foodball Show of the Android Robot

          Let's have a rest after viewing the boisterous of the exhibition.The lovely foodboll-like seats show the perfect mix-match of the Rockchip and the foodball element,blending with the coming 2010 South Africa World Cup .All of these show Rockchip RK2808 program 's expectation of the global main stream mobile TV standard CMMBISDB-TDVB-T,and enjoying the splendid sports live broadcasting.

The Arrival of the Army Android

                                            The Android Key Ring ,together with the intelligence all the time 

              The lead of the Rockchip's whole exhibition stand has no doubt to be the Android Robot.Intelligence is based on human beings .The charming of Android is the free-cost open source and the quick opening.In order to express appreciation for the customers,Rockchip prepareed lavish gifts,such as the T-shirt made of pure cotton,and the Android key ring.

The surprise : more than 50 mobile internet product revealed in the exhibition


        3G MID (with 3G SIM card  mobile internet terminal inside)

           E-book (PVI E-ink screen, AUO electronic screen/LCD color screen,support Android)

          Rockchip PCcomputer terminal

                                 Rockchip's annual emphases: mobile internet terminal MID
            Along with the perfect annotation of the conception , the product is what actual in the customer's hand. Rockchip is bringing us many surprises.In the Hongkong exhibition ,Rockchip launchs the first Android terrace mature solution and displays the Smart Phone (Android +3G+720P),iMID(mobile internet terminal within 5 inches screen ) ,3G MID (with 3G SIM card  mobile internet terminal inside), tablet PC(stronger embodied mind ,the China chip iPad ),PC(stronger handling and portable PC ), wireless digic rahmen (new generation tablet rahmen applied by the internet & software ),E-book (PVI E-ink screen, AUO electronic screen/LCD color screen,support Android) etc.

2010,Rockchip's milestone of the development
         As the first brand of China's MP3/MP4  high-end chip, yearsly tempered Rockchip accend to the digic stage in a muturer posture .2010, Rockchip strategically transfered from a simply audio/video solution supplier  to a mobile internet solution  supplier .It is a milestone for the Rockchip's exhibition in Hongkong ,which marked the wider mobile internet field(communication ,consumer electronics,conputer ) that the brand could transformed to ,showed the innovation achievement and creation of the China local IC chipdesign industry.In 2010,the mobile internet year, Rockchip will reveal a brighter future.




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