Rockchip launched the first product :Android Intelligent MP4 solution


Against the Trend? Rockchip launched their first product :Android Intelligent MP4 solution
A few days ago, by the speaker of Fuzhou Rockchips Electronics CO., Ltd ,Rockchip have launched a solution called RK2816,which contrapose the Android intelligent player. It is also the first MP4 terrace to adopt the Android operation system.
     According to the issued Function information, RK2816 adopt the Android system, completely controled by touch,fully supporting thousands of the Android application programme , including theme pack,sport,anime,information, multimedia,entertainment,office business,tarvel and plentiful of G-Sensor game.As the hardware, we used the 600MHzARM9 Processor, which can apply for the All Formats 720P video display, display every kind of  caption and HDMI high definition output.


    The RK2816 terrace,which can be viewed as an simplication of the Rockchip MIC terrace,seemed to be against the trend by remote the function of Internet searching. Besides, remote the functiong of Internet searching ,could it still be attractive to the customers?
     But this is not a special case in this section.Ipod touch wouldn't be an exception.The Ipod touch is a simplication of Iphone,remoted the functions of telephone,message and camara shooting,the biggest selling point is a great quantity of application program in the App Store. Of course, the application programs are not all free of charge . As a whole ,it is enough to use the free charged application programs.
    Compared with Ipod touch,the similarity of RK2816 lies in the rich App(application program) marketplace. The quantity of the Google market reached 10 million,the download volume is a hundred million,the future is bright.
What Rockchip exceed is that Rockchip is the powerfull chief in the Audio/Video field, and it is more powerfull in the section of high definition video. The insufficient is the remotion of the WIFI function,the download of the solfware should by means of PC port, and the method of software payment remain unsolved. But think of the price of  RK2816, just equal to an ordinary MP4, there is nothing to complain about. The most attractive in Chinese market is its price.
    As how to solve the problems above, Rockchip expressed that,the manufacturers could preassemble some free-cost softwares ,and offer some website for the download,or charge by the third-party pay ."It is difficult to make much predicition.There may be many patterns.It's easy to do this for the brand manufacturers." At the present,RK2816 is cartering to the  brand client,as much of the after service and the software support can only be done by the brand client.

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