The perfect support for Android! Strong domestic intelligence platform release 3G


      It's Rockchip not Rising which is the representative firm in chips "design in China". 

Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. released 3G mobile internet chip solutions at 2010 China International Exhibition on Information and Communication which held in Beijing International Convention & Exhibition Center.The new release is based on RK2818 chip solution,equipped with smart open source Android system which fully supported TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000 and had become the star of the show.

  Hello Android Here Comes Rockchip!
  Rockchip  in 2010 China International Exhibition on Information and Communication
  The conference theme: work together on the chip,develop the mobile Internet
  The Communication Association,operators and manufacturers release a series of new products around the tri-network integration,mobile internet, green communications, Internet of Things and TD.Not so long after the exhibition begins,Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co. Ltd., held a 3G mobile internet solution conference to release a series of new products. 
       Rockchip's chip is the foundation of all the project which is independent intellectual property rights.
Rockchip RK2818

Rockchip Electronics
  Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics CO., Ltd is a national recognized IC(Inteqrated Circuit) design company. Rockchip , which is focus on the chipdisign of the Consumer electronic in the mobile internet, is a professional supplication of individual mobile intelligence terminal. The self-R&D RK series won the “China chip - the best performance award” for the third consecutive year, continued to hold the highest honour in the Chinese IC design field and “Optimum Design Company” in 2009, which make our company the first brand of the chip design in the multi-media field.Rockchip's cooperators are around the world and has become the top brand of Mobile Internet chip solution.Rockchip's headquarter is in Fuzhou whose main work is designing and developing;it's branches are in Beijing and Shenzhen,mainly work on branches progroms and marketing.

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