Rockchip's Supernova x1 tablet does 3D without glasses or technical specs



You had to know that Nintendo's 3DS wouldn't be the only glasses-free 3D handheld for long. Our Chinese compatriots caught sight of a prototype device from Rockchip called the Supernova x1, performing some similar lenticular trickery to make images appear 3D. Exactly what display tech it uses remains a mystery, but we're told the Disney footage being displayed had to be "processed" in some way to make it appear 3D. Like the 3DS, the 3D effect here can be adjusted or disabled entirely, but that's really all that is known at this point about this mystery tablet/PMP. Sit tight, though: everything should be revealed at IFA in a week's time.

By Nicole posted on Nov 12th 2010 

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