3G-R’s Seven Advantages: Opening a New Chapter on Communication!


Rockchip launched the SoFIA 3G-R communication solution at 2015MWC on March 2. This solution aims at smartphone and phablet, providing these two fields with ultra cost effective prices. It has many self-developed advantages which could help customers to begin mass production and come to market rapidly. 3G-R uses Intel’s Modem, which can increase the efficiency of equipment manufacturers get certificated in the world.

Seven advantages make 3G-R the strongest quad-core communication chip:

Firstly, Quad-Core CPU

Rockchip’s 3G-R uses 64bit quad-core X86 CPU, while other same chips still use 32bit Cortex like A7.

Secondly, Quad-Core GPU

3G-R has adopted the quad-core Mali450, while other same chips adopts  Mali400.

Based on the CPU and GPU, the Antutu Benchmark score of 3G-R is about 25000, while other chips’ scores are around 16000.

Thirdly, 3G-R Support H.265/H.264 Full HD

3G-R continues Rockchip’s superiorities in MP4 and tablets. It has adopted the self-developed H.265 hardware decoding, while other same chips still have H.264 decoding. Moreover, 3G-R supports 1080P FHD.

Fourthly, 3G-R uses Intel 3G Modem

Rockchip’s 3G-R uses Intel 3G Modem, which is also Apple’s specified Modem brand. Intel 3G Modem is superior than other modems on stability, and it can help devices users get through the global identification successfully and rapidly.

Fifthly, Camera Senor 13MP

Taking photos is regarded as the most important entertainment function of 3G smartphones. 3G-R has 13 mp camera while other same chips’ cameras are up to 800mp.

Sixthly, full DDR FLASH

Rockchip’s years of experiences in multimedia and tablet make us know this market and business better than anyone else. 3G-R can support the mainstream internal storage on the market, which can both help OEMs control the prices of completed machine and enlarge their ranges of purchasing. Therefore, customers can apply 3G-R to various of low-end, middle-end, and high-end communication


Seventhly, support android 5.1.

Smartphones and phablets powered by Rockchip’s 3G-R are running on android 5.1, while other chips are still powered by android 5.0.

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