Rockchip and Intel Announce Strategic Cooperation at IDF 2015


     Li Min, CEO of Rockship and Krzanich,CEO of Intel, delivered a speech together on April 8, 2015, the first day of Intel IDF 2015 held in Shenzhen and announced the formal launch of communication chip SoFIA 3G-R for commercial use in the world!

     At the summit conference, Li Min held a smart communication terminal product with SoFIA 3G-R(C3230RK)solution in his hand and presented it to the guests and media from around the world. He shared the success of its strategic cooperation with Intel and announced the great news that terminal product of SoFIA 3G-R(C3230RK)would be put into mass production in April. “One year ago, Mr Krzanich met me at IDF, when we decided our cooperation to march into mobile market, but we had only some thought in this direction then. Today, I’m glad to announce that SoFIA 3G-R(C3230RK), the first chip developed together by our two parties will be put into mass production in this month, and our design has won recognition of many clients from the world !”

     Li Min said that chips had no boundary, and he affirmed the good results from rapid cultural integration and in-depth cooperation between Intel and Rockchip. “Such results show that we are able to make what is impossible possible depending on our outstanding motivation and implementation even if we have different corporate cultures”, he said. It is learned that it is no more than half a year from the successful commercial use of SoFIA 3G-R chip by integrating respective advantages of the two companies, and it is indeed a miracle in the industry. 

“This is only a beginning. In the days to come, we will bring more good products for the market”, Li Min was confident of the prospect for the cooperation of both parties in the future. 

1.    Employing 64-bit Atom 4-core architecture, SoFIA 3G-R(C3230RK) is a 4-core 3G chip with the strongest performance. 
2.    4-core Mali450 is used in GPU of SoFIA 3G-R(C3230RK), and it gets a score of over 22000. 
3.    SoFIA 3G-R(C3230RK) integrates Rockchip’s advantages in multimedia, and it supports H.265 hard decoding technology developed by Rockchip on its own and supports 1080P FHD. 
4.    3G Modem of Intel is used, and its stability and global recognition surpass its counterparts. 
5.    SoFIA 3G-R(C3230RK) is able to support camera of 13M pixels. 
6.    SoFIA 3G-R(C3230RK) is able to support various mainstream memories on the market, such as LPDDR2/3, DDR3 and DDR3L, and in terms of storage, it supports eMMC and general NAND FLASH.  
7.     In terms of overall solution, the latest Android5.1 system is pre-installed. 

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