"Double performance, the same price!” Rockchip and Intel cooperated at SoFIA 3G - R terminal production conference at 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition)!



     At the opening of the 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition) on April 13, Rockchip cooperated with Intel at SoFIA 3G- R (C3230RK) terminal devices production conference!  The Global Senior Vice President of Rockchip, Chen Feng and Intel Strategy partner, and the sales director Liang Yali gave speech respectively. They issued several phones and phablets and also announced the processors and terminal products will be on sale in April.

CMO of Rockchip, Chen Feng

Sales director of Intel, Liang Yali


     At the Conferencethe general manager of Chiptrip, He Fan, the general manager of ACT, Qiu Bo, Deputy General Manager of Skyworth, Zhang Guojian and many partners respectively, show their devices to the media and the overseas purchasers, those have cooperation with Rockchip,  which based on SoFIA 3G - R (C3320RK) chip product line diagrams and mobile phones and tablets.

General manager of Chiptrip, He Fan

General manager of ACT, Qiu Bo

Deputy General Manager of Skyworth, Zhang Guojian

     It is reported that during the Hong Kong electronics fair there are hundreds of the SoFIA 3G - R production models for global buyers.

Rockchip and Intel both use the SoFIA 3G - R (C3230RK) scheme of mobile phones and tablets ,which almost "occupy" most mobile phones, tablet manufacturer's booths. Sizes include 5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9.6 inches and 10.1 inches, covering all mobile phone and tablet sizes.

"Double performance, the same price!” At the Conference Chen Feng emphasized the core advantage of SoFIA 3G-R (C3230RK) . He told the global media the processor's seven major features in detail.

     1. Rockchip + Intel powerful union, high quality 3G tablet solution benchmarking;
2. Intel 3G Modem is the 3G baseband certified by world's top end operators;
3. Atom 64 quad core, the strongest quad-core 3G solution;
4. The quad-core Mali - 450 GPU, Full HD@60 FPS;
     5. The only 3G plan supports Full HD H.265 / H.264;
     6. Support Camera up to 13MP, and support facial beautification and automatic image recognition;
     7. The first 3G mass produced solution adopts5.1 Lollipop.

     According to measured data from the media on site, it shows that to compare with quad-core Cortex-A7, the performance of SoFIA 3G-R (C3230RK) is improved  early 50% by adoptting the quad-core Atom 64-bit CPU and quad-core Mali-450 GPU; The GPU even can realize Full HD@ 60 FPS, which is doubled to compare with similar products (HD@ 30 FPS).

     It only takes less than a year, from product planning to quickly form a league campaign of 
upstream and downstream from the industrial chain, and from Rockchip and Intel announced strategic cooperation to formally announced April production. As can be seen from the Hong Kong exhibition conference, Rockchip communication products camp has formed cluster scale, with the strength of the rival confrontation in the global market.

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