Hello, cars! Rockchip enters intelligent Internet of vehicle to support Honda DA smart screen wireless Internet system


Rockchip inside Car

After Apple and Google announcing CarPlay and Google Auto, Rockchip takes the lead to enter the field of automobile navigation and supports Honda DA smart screen Internet system products.

Honda Automobiles introduces DA smart screen Internet system in Chinese market. The vehicle intelligent system carries Rockchip RK2928 chip solutions for the perfect connection of smart phone and vehicle super screen. Besides Apple and Google, Chinese chip manufactures will put forward new ideas on the relationship of mobile Internet and vehicle.

DA smart screen Internet system could connect the mobile phone and other mobile terminals to the car. The greatest progress is the connection of WiFi and IOS and android mobile phone to project the images on the phone to the large-size display screen in the car, making operation simple and easier. Besides music playing, it provides other functions of navigation and games. The car will be the center of intelligent Internet.

DA smart screen Internet system has been widely applied in CR-V, Jed and Honda Civic. Through technical cooperation with Singmate and Rockchip, DA intelligent Internet system would be widely applied on Honda products with the improvement of cost performance and joyful driving experience to customers.




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