Eight-core 64 bits. New generation flagship OTT BOX solution RK3368 becomes the standard configuration


Terminal OTT BOX of Rockchip Electronics (hereinafter referred as Rockchip) subordinate new generation TV box solution RK3368 chip solution will be produced in volume. As the global only eight-core 64-bit OTT BOX chip in 2015, RK3368 may be the standard configuration for new generation flagship OTT BOX products.

RK3368 is equipped with eight-core 64-bit ARM Coretex-A53 architecture, 28nm technological design, 1.5GHz operation frequency and PowerVR G6110 CUP. It supports OPENGLES 3.1, strong RK3368 video capability, 4K×2K video, H.264/H.265 Directx Video Acceleration (DXVA) and HDMI 2.0@60Hz output, Android 5.1 Lollipop platform, Security OS and mainstream DRM and HDCP2.2 safety standards. The score on AnTuTu tester is more than 38,000.

Cortex-A53 is the high-end product released by ARM based on 64-bit ARMv8 architecture and Cortex-A50 processor. It is the 64-bit processor with highest energy efficiency and smallest size in the world for the high performance and low consumption. Eight-core Cortex-A53 could be operated at full speed with high load; it can close the core and reduce frequency to be converted to low performance and low consumption with low load.

The 64 bits double the width of processor data flow and support the storage memory with large capacity to provide higher efficiency when processing large-scale data. Cortex-A53 also has other important characteristics, such as virtualization, 256 TB storage, L1 and L2 high-speed cache of ECC.

RK3368OTT BOX flagship processor has following 7 characteristics:

1. Best CPU: eight-core 64-bit Coretex-A53

2. Newest CPU: PowerVR G6110, support OPENGL ES 3.1

3. Best video: support 4K×2K H.264/H.265 60fps DXVA

4. Best output: support 4K×2K HDMI2.0 @60Hz output

5. Highest security level: support Security OS, mainstream DRM and HDCP2.2 safety standards

6. Latest Android system: support Android 5.1 Lollipop version

7. Best cost performance: 38000 scores in AnTuTu Tester

To compare with Cortex-A9, Cortex-A7 and other 32-bit processors, Cortex-A53 accounts for 30% of energy efficiency with more advanced computing methodology and performance. As the global first Coretex-A53 eight-core 64-bit processor applied on OTT BOX products, RK3368 will accelerate the update of generation of OTT BOX cable box to be the catalyst of new generation flagship OTT BOX products.


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