Rockchip Reached Strategic Cooperation with Indonesian Manufacturing Giant ADVAN


 July 3rd, 2015, Rockchip and the largest Indonesian mobile phone and tablets manufacturer ADVAN jointly announced that, they will enter into comprehensive strategic cooperation. ADVAN will develop several communication products on the basis of SoFIA 3G-R C3230RKSoC platform.


ADVAN is the largest mobile phone and tables manufacturer in Indonesia. Messi, Pique, Iniesta, Pedro and other football stars have spoken for ADVAN in its brand advertisement. ADVAN occupies more than 15% of the mobile phone market shares and more than 50% of the tablets market shares. Now, leveraging the supply chain strength in mainland China, ADVAN has developed to be the Indonesia national brand 

C3230RKwas jointly developed by Intel and Rockchip. It uses 28nm processing technology, Intel Atom framework, and Quad-Core 64-bit Processer, positioned as a mid-end 3G intelligent product. The chip went for sales on market during Q1 2015, providing 3G integrated solutions for tablets. Baseband technology has been widely recognized and maturely applied all over the world, it has gained great advantage in frequency band, signal sensitivity, stability, and coverage.

SoFIA 3G-R C3230RK communication chip is very competitive in market. It will be applied in ADVAN product lines covering smartphones and tablets.” ADVAN CEO Robert Xue said, “Taking this valuable opportunity, ADVAN is entering into long-term comprehensive cooperation with a Chinese chip factory Rockchip, with launching the communication products based on the SoFIA 3G-R C3230RKplatform at first. More products of high cost performance will be launched in 2015 in succession.”

“ADVAN has great influence in the mobile phone industry in Indonesia with good distribution of product lines. Our cooperation aims to make strategic arrangement in the communication field covering smartphone and communication tablets.” The Global Vice President Chen Feng of Rockchip said, “
SoFIA 3G-R C3230RKis high advanced in stability. The solutions will provide the basis for ADVAN to make excellent hardware and software products for business expansion in the world”.

Indonesia market has witnessed a rapid growth of smartphone due to its high cost-effectiveness. It has become the largest smartphone sales market in Southeast Asia. The deep cooperation between ADVAN and Rockchip this time will further enhance their product competitiveness in Southeast Asia, and even across the globe.

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