Rockchip & ADVAN announced Phablet mass production in Indonesia successfully


 3rd, August, 2015, China Rockchip (simplified as Rockchip) and ADVAN, Indonesian famous mobile phone and pad manufacturer held press conference in Djakarta, Indonesia and announced the mass production of Phablet Vandroid X7, which is based on first communication platform-SoFIA 3G-R cooperated by Rockchip and Intel. 

ADVAN Vandroid X7 adopts SoFIA 3G-R (C3230RK) Quad-Core processor; the dominant frequency is 1.0GHz; 7 inch with resolution of 1024*600; 1GB + 8 GB, supporting 32 GB storage card; the standard configuration is Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi/dual cards dual standby 3G (3.5 G+GSM) / dual camera; fuselage+ silver and black+ two colors of coffee and grey; the system is updated as Android 5.1 Lollipop.

ADVAN expresses that the Vandroid X7 based on SoFIA 3G-R (C3230RK) professor possesses faster, and more fluent processing ability over multiple tasks, stronger multi-media and 3D performance, lower power consumption, making battery with better cruising power.

SoFIA 3G-R (C3230RK) is developed together by Rockchip and Intel by adopting 28nm manufacturing technology, Intel Atom framework, Quad-core 64-bit processor, positioning in middle end 3G intelligent communication product. SoFIA series chips Baseband technology is widely acknowledged all over the world with huge mature advantage in application. The base band is leading in aspects of frequency band, flexibility of signal, stability and coverage in similar platform industry. 

Tjandra Lianto, marketing director of ADVAN expresses that ADVAN is committed to the promotion of developing society and scientific technology in Indonesia by providing updating technology to educational field under digital circumstance. The students will be more interested in scientific technology and study based on use of educational Phablet with Vandroid X7.

ADVAN is not only the largest mobile phone and pad manufacturer in Indonesia, but also occupies larger market shares in Asia-Pacific market. The mass production of Vandroid X7 will speed up both parties’ strategic arrangement in Asia-Pacific area. Chen Feng, senior vice president of Rockchip, expresses SoFIA 3G-R (C3230RK) series chip possesses high level of stability and integration. Vandroid X7 brings better scientific and technological experience for Phablet in Indonesia, promoting development of Phablet in new generation of educational industry. 

Indonesia is the largest sales market of smart phone and tablet in South Asian market, With the assistance of semi-conductor industrial chain in Chinese mainland, ADVAN may develop in rapid speed, becoming leading brand among Indonesian local brands challenging international brands. ADVAN makes further cooperation with Rockchip, which will further promote product competition of both sides in South Asia and global market. 

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