Five Technology Highlights of Rockchip RK6321 Smart Watch Solution Draw Public Attention


In Hong Kong Electronics Fair Fall Edition of 2015, Rockchip 3G smart watch solution RK6321 is exposed to global buyers and the media for the first time, and the solution aims at children watches, sports watches and smart wearable equipment. It possesses five major technical advantages: low power consumption, higher tone quality, more reliable baseband, lower radiation and customized platform for customers. It supports WCDMA and GSM, and integrates WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and PMIC. The brand-new technology will bring about a solution with strong competitiveness for smart wearable industry. 

1. Lower power consumption and super endurance

Power consumption and endurance are the pain spots of wearable smart terminal devices. Different from the design of the traditional four matching chips, there is only two matching chips on the CPU of RK6321 3G SoC processor solution, 6 in 1 highly integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, PMU and FM. It not only reduces the damage rate of production-manufacturing, but also makes the overall power consumption significantly decreasing. The data shows that in RK6321 3G SoC processor smart watch scheme, a variety of patterns and technical indicators possess obvious technological advantages.

2. Voiceprint noise reduction technology with higher tone quality + double MIC design

Limited by background noise, other human voice interference, echo, reverberation and multiple complex factors, the voice quality of traditional smart watch products is poor. RK6321 3G SoC processor solution adopts unique voiceprint noise reduction technology and double MIC design, selects valid data from the complex sound environment according to the voice characteristic of users, comparing with traditional noise reduction technology, RK6321, makes tone quality quality revolutionary promotion.

3. More Reliable Baseband Infineon Technology

RK6321 3G SoC processor solution adopts intel Baseband (original Infineon). The stability, compatibility and quality of baseband technology are more reliable. The Baseband technology has passed the certification and has been widely used in the vast majority of countries, which helps those smart watches powered by RK6321 3G SoC competitively enter global market. 

4. 3G Platform with Lower Radiation

RK6321 3G SoC processor solution supports Unicom 3G and GSM. Compared with the technology advantages of 2G, lower radiation and higher-speed communication ability make the security of RK6321 better. According to the test data, the transient radiation of RK6321 3G SoC processor solution is 200 to 2000 times lower than the smart watches of 2G scheme sold in the current market. Especially for children watch products, higher security and lower radiation values can make them easier to enter the market.

5. Customized platform for customers

Rockchip has carried out in-depth customizing based on Android, cut off part of the services for surplus smart watches, software packages, drive and so on, and streamline the function of Android. At the same time, it adds some necessary functions for smart watches, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the secondary development, shortens the development cycle and increases the stability of products.


As a leading technology company, Rockchip accurately grasps the pain point of the industry:low power consumption and low radiation solve the safety concerns of consumers; high quality voice  brings about better experience to users; the stable Baseband platform which is widely verified around the globe as well as Android platform specially designed for watches solve the future worries of development and sales for brand owners and developers. The highlighting in the value of leading technology advantages will become the industry benchmark.


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