Rockchip SoFIA 3G-R Becomes Top-selling Styles of Global 3G Communication Solution


In 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair offal Edition, full-size terminal tablets and smart phones based on SoFIA 3G-RC3230RK spread to global buyers! In Hong Kong Electronics Fair, SoFIA 3G-RC3230RKis quite popular in both Rockchip and Inter booths. Rockchip, along with 13 partners including scheme companies like Weibu, iNet, Miki, inCar, BND, Zediel, Sungworld, Skyworth etc. and brand owners, attend the show.

According to statistics, there are over one hundred smart phones and phablets based on SoFIA 3G-RC3230RKbeing displayed to global buyers on multiple booths, and the model sizes cover 5-inch, 5.5-inch, 6-inch, 6.95-inch, 7.0-inch, 7.85-inch, 8-inch, 9.6-inch and 10.1-inch. The products are in different styles, from 5 inch to 8 inch of the smartphones and phablets, to 9.6 inch - 10.1 inch tablet focusing on communication and industry application. All sizes of terminal products based on SoFIA 3G-R(C3230RK) are showed onsite.

A solution company says to the media,“ the shipment of their phablets based on SoFIA 3G-R C3230RK is already over KK level. The purchase enthusiasm of global buyers for these products is beyond expectations. "

Media analysts believe that Intel’s global brand influence cooperating with Rockchip’s technology, will be suitable for  3G product planning and positioning of the world's biggest brand owners, and current global 3G communication chip industry chain. There are a large number of new products displayed in the shows, which reflects the popularity of SoFIA 3G-R.

On product level, the chip technology and compatibility possess obvious advantages indeed. In terms of performance, 28nm process technology, Intel Atom framework, quad-core 64-bit processer , which shows strong performance. In terms of compatibility, the Baseband technology of SoFIA series chips possess extensive certification and mature application worldwide. The Baseband holds a leading position in frequency band, signal sensitivity, stability, covering capacity and other aspects. Along with the most cost-effective 3G communication solution, it is inevitable for its popularity in the world.

During Intel IDF 2015 Technology Summit in April, CEO Li Min and Intel CEO Brian M. Krzanich released 
SoFIA 3G-RC3230RKcommunication chip to the industry and made it come into the market around the world. It is only six months from the news to the fair this year, but SoFIA 3G-RC3230RKhas already achieved a good result.

As for 4G products, Rockchip staff said to the media: “SoFIA 4G LTE will be developed cooperatively with Intel in the aspects of products and technology, and it is planned to officially put into mass production in 2016." With the improvement of  global market share of SoFIA 3G-RC3230RK, SoFIA 4G LTE will become more and more popularand its market performance is also eagerly anticipated.


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