Six technological innovation in tablet! Analysis of Rockchip flagship RK3399


The growth of recreational tablets is becoming slow while 2in1 and Android commercial tablets used in office and industry is emerging. IDC report showed that the sales volume of 2 in1 commercial tablet was double last year, has reached 17 million units. A further increase in 2020 will be 64 million units. 

On April 14, Rockchip launched RK3399 new flagship chip. RK3399 can be applied to VR, game box, tablet, and many other fields. There was a new trend in tablet market. 

There was a great update for overall architecture of RK3399, adopting big.LITTLE CPU architecture dual core cortex-A72 and quad-core cortex-A53, Mali-T860 GPU. 

Seven super performance superiorities of RK3399 could be applied to 2in1 Android tablets and other high performance tablets:

1)      Integrated dual USB3.0 Type-C interfaces, supports audio and video output of USB Type-C based DisplayPort.

2)      Dual ISP pixel processing power up to 800MPix/s, supports simultaneous input of dual-channel camera data, 3D, in-depth information extraction and other high-end processes.

3)      MIPI/eDP interface, supports 2560×1600 display and dual display.

4)      HDMI2.0 interface, H.265/H.264/VP9 4K @60fps HD video decoding and display.

5)      Built-in PCI-e interface, supports high-speed Wi-Fi and storage expansion based on PCI-e.

6)      Supports 8-channel digital MIC array input

7)      Full system support: compatible with Android, Linux and other operating systems. 

Rockchip global vice President Feng Chen said, “The five characteristics of the new processor and the new platform, will accelerate the update of terminal products such as tablets, VR, game box. We will work with partners around the world to bring latest and coolest solution to consumer market.” 

According to the analysts, the characteristics of faster and lower power consumption of RK3399 is perfectly applied to commercial tablets and high-end tablets. More new features of RK3399 like dual USB3.0 Type - C, dual ISP, PCI - e interface, supporting LPDDR4 memory and so on, are leading the current mainstream tablet solutions.

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