Rockchip held a big VR party for hundred people during Fuzhou 618 Exhibition!


June 18, the 14th China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair(CSTPF) was held in Fuzhou. The exhibition was focus on Big Data, VR application service and Internet economy infrastructure projects. Rockchip participated in the show and held a big VR party for over one hundred people to experience RK3288 VR all-in-one at the same time!


2016 is the first year for VR. From point of view of capital, market, ecological chain or users, VR hardware is greatly developing this year. Upstream chip manufacturers have laid a solid foundation for the construction of VR hardware devices. Rockchip RK3288 and RK3399 are the first commercial production VR all-in-one solution!


Industry analysts pointed out that: "the traditional mobile HMD and external HMD cannot meet the needs of VR on the performance and experience because of being limited by  application environment and chip solution technology. VR all-in-one has potential to be an important development trend of VR device in the future."

Rockchip RK3399 and RK3288 respectively aim at high-end and entry-level VR all-in-one device. Their common characteristics, are to support three VR new industry standards - 20ms latency, more than 75Hz refresh rate and more than 1K gyroscope refresh rate , which make excellent experience of virtual reality. RK3399 can support super 4K 360 - degree panoramic video decoding, 300 million triangle output rate, mainstream game engine platform and other five technical advantage, leading the development of VR all-in-one.


During the show, Rockchip held a big VR party for over one hundred people to experience RK3288 VR all-in-one. The purpose was not only let participants experience the fantastic feeling of VR brought by the all-in-one chang shuang virtual reality experience, but also showed the innovation and maturity of Rockchip VR all-in-one solution.


Boosting VR commercial process with service provider

Rockchip showed commercial level VR solution during the show with China mobile Fuzhou branch, which meant that Chip manufacturer will cooperate with telecom operator to promote VR commercial process.

Drone powered by RK3288

Rockchip also displayed chip solution of chromebook, robot

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